Argentine Tango Workshop

This Saturday, the Ballroom Club is excited to be welcoming Joerg and Sarah Schlatterer to the College of Wooster. Joerg and Sarah are originally from Germany where they became good friends with the Manzes. Now U.S. citizens, the couple has graciously agreed to teach at the college while they are visiting Ohio. So from 5pm-7pm on December 1st, the pair will be sharing their expertise in the Argentine tango– a dance known for its quick, interlocking footwork and its distinctive A shape. We are very thankful to both Joerg and Sarah and hope to see a large turn out from students, faculty, staff, their families, and the community.

2017 Culture Show

The 2017 Culture Show Dancers:

Front row: Amberleigh Ray, Morgan Faldowski, Nedas Matulionis, Sofia Biegeleisen, Dhwani Parsana, Melinda Varga, Erika Goetz. Back row: Peter Greenwood,  Merlin Li, Morgan Barnett, Brianna McKeen, Xin Liu. (© Dhwani Parsana)
AND … Gloria Murray (sorry that we couldn’t find you in the chaos after the final.

Thanks for the great performance and showing how much fun ballroom dancing is.

A recording of the show can be downloaded here (too large for uploading).