Contact us

President Erika Goetz egoetz20(at}wooster[dot]edu
Vice President Sofia Biegeleisen sbiegeleisen21(at}wooster[dot]edu
Treasurer Max Johnson mjohnson22(at}wooster[dot]edu
Competition Team Captain Bree McKeen bmckeen21(at}wooster[dot]edu
Historian Margaret Jagger mjagger22(at}wooster[dot]edu
Social Dance Chair Dhwani Parsana dparsana21(at}wooster[dot]edu
Coach Yvonne Manz y.manz(at}yahoo[dot]com
Advisor Dr. Niklas Manz nmanz(at}wooster[dot]edu

Click here to see our officers from our first official year as a club

Here are our officers from the 2018-2019 year